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Milia Extraction

Milia is a skin condition found in people of all ages. These appear as small, white non-cancerous bumps caused by skin that does not slough off in the normal way, becoming trapped in a sweat glad or hair follicle.
Some milia might appear after blistering or injury to the skin and can be seen on people suffering from sun damaged skin. Long term use of topical steroids can also make the condition present.
Milia can occur in all races, ages and in both genders.

Milia will present itself as a white or yellow bump that appears to be just below the skin surface but are actually deep seeded. The bump can range between 1-2mm in size and sometimes can be mistaken for the condition acne. Varyingly, there can be a cluster of bumps or in some cases only one.

Milia can resolve itself on occasion when the skin cells trapped in the pores find a way out from under the skin. If, however, it does not resolve or recurs there are simple steps to take to correct the problem.
Skin and hair products used every day could be contributing to the formation of milia.