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Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Treatment
Once offered only by the medical profession, laser hair removal is now available at Sue Shields Spa. The principle of laser treatment is very similar to the old type of electrolysis, where heat travels down the hair and destroys the hair germ cells but, unlike electrolysis, new technology delivers heat much more effectively and accurately to the root.
The laser is attracted to the melanin in the hair follicle, so, unfortunately, if you are very blonde, or have white hairs, this treatment is not suitable for you. We advise you not to sunbathe, or use self-tan, in the area to be treated for at least 4 weeks before and after treatment, as we want the laser to work on the melanin in the hairs, not in the skin.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Costs
The cost and number of treatments are dependant on the size of the area, texture and hair density. Where hair growth is sparse, costs may be lower, a quote will be given at the time of consultation.

Healthcare Commission
Sue Shields Face and Body Spa is certified by the Healthcare Commission to offer laser, skin rejuvenation and red vein treatment.