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 Access Bars

 Access Bars is a nurturing, relaxing process which can put more ease into your life by relieving you of thoughts and beliefs that cause negative feelings and emotional and physical conditions. The Bars session is effective in clearing your mind, similar to meditation but with no effort. Most people relax to a very deep state and find that their mind chatter has eased and worrying or overwhelming thoughts are eased or even eliminated. It is therefore effective for easing anxiety and stress giving a feeling of relief for the recipient. Access Bars is an ideal therapy for anxiety In Bars session you lie down on your back and I gently touch the 32 points on your head. Some people fall asleep,some experience unusual sensations within their body and some feel in intense relaxed feeling. The benefits of having your Bars run are many. Below are a few possibilities, please get in touch with me if you have any questions as to how a Bars session could help you.

 The Bars can ease:


The experience and results of having a Bars session varies greatly from person to person. It is a unique experience for each person who has it done and even each session can give a different result or experience each time creating great personal change.


  Emotional Clearing Sessions

If there are changes you would like to make in your life but you don't seem to be making them then these sessions may be for you.  Recommended alongside Access Bars Therapy these sessions are one to one and help to create clarity on what is holding you back and helping you to move past obstacles and limitations that have been holding you back for a long time. I use Holistic Therapies and tools from Access Consciousness to clear unwanted emotions and behaviours allowing you to change your life with ease.These sessions can also ease depression, anxiety, stress and sadness caused by past events. Also very effective for helping you to cope with challenges at the present time.