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Hydradermie Lift Express  £52.00
1 hour
A sophisticated machine-based facial that boosts resistance, smoothes wrinkles and lifts facial contours. This ‘work out’ for the face creates a lifting effect in only 1 hour.  Recommended as a course of 10, normally 2 per week.

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe  £80.00
1 hour 40 minutes
The total lift experience, with lymphatic drainage, muscle stimulation and a luxurious massage using extra-firming marine collagen-based cream, followed by a customised mask to further enhance the machine’s ‘lifting effect’.  Recommended prior to a special occasion

Lift Express with Hydra Plus  £80.00
1 hours 60 minutes  
A combination of the lift express and hydradermie plus facial, this total deluxe facial lifts, firms and deeply cleanses to give a totally luxurious treatment.

Hydradermie  £52.00
1 hour
This treatment is suitable for all skin types. Using a dramatically effective combination of the latest technology, a hydradermie facial deeply cleanses the skin, re-hydrates the deeper layered skin and speeds up cellular renewal.  Course of 3 highly recommended.

Hydradermie Age Logic  £67.00
1 hour 
This deluxe salon facial with additional specific treatment for the eyes, neck and décolleté begins with a relaxing massage of the neck, shoulders and décolleté. Specialised serums are applied to the eye and neck areas to nourish and firm, followed by separate masks for the eyes, face and neck.

Hydradermie Lightening Facial  £50.00
1 hour 
Excellent if your concerns are with pigmentation. The products we use in this treatment will help reduce and re-balance uneven skin tones.

Hydradermie Eye Lift Express £30.00
30 mins
This rejuvenating eye treatment works the muscles around the eye area to tone and give new firmness, as well as a reduction in fine lines. Crows feet are smoothed and the eyes look younger.

Hydradermie Back Treatment  £50.00
1 hour
This deep cleansing treatment will purify, re-hydrate, relax you and relieve any muscular tension, leaving your skin tone glowing. A must for congested or acne prone skin.

Creme de la Creme Facial  £120.00
2 hours 30 mins                                                                                                                                                                  This Guniot facial is the ultimate facial, combining all Guniot facials into one, giving you the amazing results you desire.

Liftosome Energy Treatment  £46.00
1 hour
This relaxing treatment is ideal for all skin types. It will leave the skin feeling unbelievably firm, smoothes the features, visibly relaxes the face and remodels the facial contours.  Course of 3 highly recommended.

Beauté Neuve  £45.00
1 hour
Tiredness, stress or passing time can contribute to loss of radiance. The epidermis gets ‘clogged’ with dehydrated cells, cellular renewal slows and the complexion appears dull and congested. This treatment accelerates cellular renewal and you will discover a fresh complexion, more beautiful, more radiant skin. Course of 3 highly recommended.